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Suspect Opens

Escape Room

Escape rooms have exploded around the world and the game is changing.  Kersey Valley has taken the game to new levels with high technology gameplay.  The Suspect game is now open and features new ways to play the escape game with props that are “smart”.   Based in the prestigious detective’s office of Chris B Bacon, you and your fellow rookies are being promoted.  But as fate would have it something goes wrong immediately on your big day.  Working together is a must as without a strong team that can truly get close and realize that the only way to solve this game is to become one. Assume your new identity and take on the task to escape!

This newest game room from Kersey Valley Escape will immerse you in the world of the CSI crime fighters.  This is a family adventure that the whole family can experience or a group from your office to enjoy the latest in the team building craze of escape games. We have taken some of the favorite parts off all other games and incorporated them into this amazing escape game like non other in the industry with custom made puzzles from the Kersey Valley team.

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