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Kersey Valley Escape = Team Building

Playing Kersey Valley Escape is an interactive adventure inside a highly themed environment.  Besides being an enjoyable activity solving our puzzles with a co-worker, the process of working together coming up with solutions under at time constraint is very beneficial for brain function.  Working together is the only way to make progress which accelerates ingenuity that will translate back into the workplace.  By having to come up with educated guesses and working through problems encourages your team members to be creative and innovative in a unique way.  Sometimes clues are found early in the gameplay but are not of any use at the moment which will encourage memory recall later in the game.  Working together at Kersey Valley Escape is one of the unique ways to give your team the opportunity to be creative, improve memory, relieve stress and become more productive back at work!

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The Team Behind The Magic

It’s a natural fit for Kersey Valley to offer NC’s most themed Escape games.  Everything that makes this new interactive gaming experience over the top is already here. We have been catering to thousands of people a day for years with our fall events. We know attractions and how to make them amazing, from customer service to all the small details.    


Make plans now to take part of something incredible with your team. Prepare for one of the most exciting team building experiences you have ever done!

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