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Escape Rooms and Team Building

Escape Room and Team Building

Many team leaders across the world are adopting Escape Rooms as a new way to adopt a team mentality.

Building a functional team is a difficult task. It’s not easy to hire a group of people, train them, and expect effective results right away. It takes an ultimate effort to build every one or a group as a functional tool for the required project. Communication, trust, skill sets, and analytical strengths matter to the success of a team. But sometimes, there is a need to develop these things outside of your workplace too. For team building activities provide a social way to exercise and engage your staff.

So, What Is an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms are fun, interactive games that require everyone to use creative thinking and analytical skills. Employees are ‘locked’ in an Escape Room while they solve a problem to Escape in 60 minutes or less. These games are played through both strategic planning and teamwork. Players have to make an escape plan from the set environment. It could be themed as an escape from prison, from a submarine or from a bank heist. Four to 12 people can play as one team. Rules and instructions are available onscreen and from the game master. Every player must use their abilities to solve the game at hand. Participants can use different approaches and combine diverse work styles to Escape. Everyone works together toward a common goal. And they develop a teammate relationship with each other, which is the ultimate goal. Due to its high effectiveness, Escape Rooms have gained increased popularity.

The reason for the popularity of Escape Rooms is quite clear…

  • Escape rooms are made for more than one person and require the engagement of all teammates. Players must adopt successful strategies throughout the entire game. Everyone gets a chance to use their communication, creative, and critical skills to Escape. So, the whole team works to win the game.
  • Escape Rooms mandate time management and quick performance. Team have one hour to solve all puzzles. Every team quickly structures themselves to use time wisely and must perform well in less time.
  • Real work is done without any comfort zone. Escape Room activities push employees to their boundaries, so they don’t crack under work pressure. Less time and immediacy of results push players to think outside of the box and deliver effective results. Escape Room fun brings teammates closer in a number of ways: trust, companionship, interdependency, and acknowledgment of their skillset–all because of this shared experience.    
  • Escape Rooms also play a vital role in fun among teammates. It’s an opportunity to have a good time, improve problem-solving skills, boost creativity, and experiment with dynamic work styles outside of your workplace. It brings out the best in each team player with much more enthusiasm.
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