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Steampunk (Moderate experience)

Quick Details

Private Room For up to 10 people

Only you can save the MultiplicableVerse! Steampunk inventor Dr. Oliver Overton Porter-Shaw slightly greatly miscalculated the power of his new Steamfision discovery. A rift in time, space and another universe has merged portions of multiple worlds. Embark on a fast paced 60.0000001 minute hands-on adventure to help the whimsical Dr. O.O.P-S. restore balance to time and space. This original escape room will have you wondering “What’s Up” (literally) from start to escape.

Disclaimer: Kersey Valley is not responsible for dimensionally altered, transported or otherwise missing friends and family. We are also not responsible if you don’t escape the upside-down madness and multiple worlds are destroyed. Kersey Valley reserves the right to film your encounter for our personal amusement calculated scientific observation.

What to Bring

  • Please bring a copy of your confirmation email — and a few smart friends.