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Kersey Valley Escape Rooms

Choose from one of our themed escape rooms in Kersey Valley! Do you and your friends have what it takes to escape? Book now to find out.


An escape room with high-tech elements! Bring your CSI-loving friends to assist you in this new twist on a who-done-it game. Find one-of-a-kind puzzles using both lasers and smart-prop technology that are unique to Kersey Valley Escape. You won’t find this anywhere else!
P.S. The game changes with you…

Haunted Manor

Get ready for more than just an escape game! The highly detailed Shady Ways Sanitarium is the entrance to the Spooky Woods Haunted Attraction — and now you can experience it as a multi-room haunted escape game! Solve the hardest puzzles that require the entire group’s brainpower. Plus, you can expect startle scares, loud noises, and periods of total darkness.


The genre blends the aesthetic and technology of the 19th century with elements of science fiction.

From $32

Only you can save the MultiplicableVerse! Steampunk inventor Dr. Oliver Overton Porter-Shaw slightly greatly miscalculated the power of his new Steamfision discovery. A rift in time, space and another universe has merged portions of multiple worlds. Embark on a fast paced 60.0000001 minute hands-on adventure to help the whimsical Dr. O.O.P-S. restore balance to time and space. This original escape room will have you wondering “What’s Up” (literally) from start to escape.

Disclaimer: Kersey Valley is not responsible for dimensionally altered, transported or otherwise missing friends and family. We are also not responsible if you don’t escape the upside-down madness and multiple worlds are destroyed. Kersey Valley reserves the right to film your encounter for our personal amusement calculated scientific observation.

Nuclear Meltdown

5-4-3-2-1… It will take all of your team to stop the unthinkable. We just hope you escape unscathed. Enough said!