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Summer Cookout Escapes

Make your great escape to the country! Kersey Valley Attractions is a great place to have that summer cookout with a FREE picnic shelter and grills for your family and friends. Two massive grills are available for you to show off your grilling skills. Plus, we have two large picnic shelters to keep shade over your party with enough tables to seat more than 100 people. We’ve hosted many large groups and we can host yours too!

  • Family reunions
  • Church groups
  • Youth groups
  • School groups
  • Summer camps
  • Sports teams
  • Corporate outings
  • And more!


The Autopsy Escape Room is a favorite game for those looking to escape the sun, as this game has periods of darkness while you solve the puzzles in the morgue.

Did you know we have a High Ropes Challenge Course, Outdoor Laser Tag, Axe Throwing, and one of the largest Zip Line tours in America? All guests can participate in not only one of our Escape Games, but also our other attractions with an additional ticket.

Call us to book an adventure and pair it up to reserve the grill. Enjoy the great weather this summer at Kersey Valley Attractions.

Call 336-431-1700!

From $32

Only you can save the MultiplicableVerse! Steampunk inventor Dr. Oliver Overton Porter-Shaw slightly greatly miscalculated the power of his new Steamfision discovery. A rift in time, space and another universe has merged portions of multiple worlds. Embark on a fast paced 60.0000001 minute hands-on adventure to help the whimsical Dr. O.O.P-S. restore balance to time and space. This original escape room will have you wondering “What’s Up” (literally) from start to escape.

Disclaimer: Kersey Valley is not responsible for dimensionally altered, transported or otherwise missing friends and family. We are also not responsible if you don’t escape the upside-down madness and multiple worlds are destroyed. Kersey Valley reserves the right to film your encounter for our personal amusement calculated scientific observation.