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Indoor Activities in Greensboro

Beat the Heat in an Escape Room

When it’s hot outside in North Carolina, we know where you want to be: enjoying indoor activities in the Greensboro area. That’s right! And we’ve created the perfect place for you to escape the heat.

indoor activities in Greensboro

Friends rocked it in Suspect with just 4 minutes remaining!

Escape Rooms: Exciting Indoor Activities in Greensboro

Cool off in one of Kersey Valley Attractions’ Escape Rooms: Suspect, Meltdown, Autopsy, and our Haunted Manor. Whether you’re looking for a brain challenge, a bonding experience, something creepy or something a little scary, they’re perfect for your next occasion.

  • Date night
  • Parties
  • Team building
  • Special events
  • Scout outings
  • And more!

Our Escape Rooms are climate controlled. So, you can take a respite from the heat. Duck inside for an hour of challenging fun! You can flex your brain solving puzzles and riddles during an intriguing mystery game. Solve all the clues in less than 60 minutes and you’ll Escape! Otherwise, you’ll be stuck here for life. (Of course, we’re kidding. We’ll let you out… maybe.)

Challenging and Entertaining!

“Only have good things to say about this place. Never met a nicer group of workers. Everyone is kind.
The Escape Rooms are fun and the hour flies by. Well worth the price and not too scary… more challenging and entertaining.“

-Google Review

Indoor Activities in Greensboro

Cooling off in the Haunted Manor!

New to Escape Rooms?

You’re really not locked in. There is an unlocked door in each Escape Room that allows access to outside. You are welcome to leave anytime you feel uncomfortable; however, once you leave you can’t come back in. (Really, it’s part of the rules.)

Wondering if Escape Rooms are hard? They’re definitely designed to challenge your way of thinking in an unfamiliar (and sometimes changing) environment. Escape Rooms allow different people to show off their varied abilities, all while working together toward a common goal.

And your experience can be as easy and challenging as you wish. Our game master is available to provide clues, but only upon request by a group consensus. Remember, you’re working as a team. That means, if you want an extra challenge then keeping working at it. If you want a little help, it’s yours. Just keep an eye on the time clock in your Escape Room. Tick tock, tick tock. You only have 60 minutes to Escape!

Couldn’t Get Enough!

“We had a great time! Booked for one Escape Room but ended up doing two!”

-Google Review


Escape Rooms Are for Everyone

Each Escape Room Challenge can accommodate between two and 12 people. Our Escape Rooms are best played by those 12 years old and up (due to puzzle complexity), and they are also handicapped accessible. If your group has more than 12 people, we can divide you up between different Escape Rooms. And if you have enough time on your hands, your group can rotate and try different Escape challenges. Your experience is up to you!

Ready to beat the heat?
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Birthday parties also available.

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